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The Beauty of Autumn

Merry Christmas Beautiful! I miss Manila already however, Tokyo has been nothing but amazing! Just recently my husband and I went Autumn Foliage hunting for the first time together.

In Tagalog autumn is called “taglagas” but we never have this season and  I only get to see it on TV, magazines/picture and now on the internet. So just imagine my excitement when I arrived in Tokyo and see all the yellow trees lined up at the side of the road! My husband told me that I should wait until I see the autumn foliage in parks because those trees are nothing compared to what I’m about to see.


Good lord, he was right! This Shimizudani park where I first saw Tokyo’s autumn foliage at it’s peak was in Akasaka. It’s right in front of Hotel New Otani near Nagatacho station.


The best part was, there’s not much tourist so you get a better picture without photobombers in it. The people who works nearby usually go there to smoke so they stay in one area.


So if you’re going on a very short business trip in Tokyo, during the Autumn season, you might as well book at Hotel New Otani in Akasaka. There’s also a lovely french restaurant nearby called Aux Bacchanales.

However, don’t take my advice just yet because this was the first park I visited.

Hunting autumn foliage is a popular past time in Japan and I know this blog is too late but here are some links you can save for next year’s Autumn trip if you’re planning a trip here in Japan.

JR East Railway’s website comes with featured destinations from spring until winter which you can always find helpful.

Japan-guide also provides a yearly autumn color reports that’s perfect for autumn foliage hunters out there.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to pursue the beauty of Autumn and found a beautiful place which I plan to post on my next entry on this journal.

I hope you find fall season beautiful as well and stay tuned for my next blog post.

Happy Holidays!

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