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A Day in Yokohama

Happy new year! I hope you’re enjoying the last hours of 2016 like I do. In fact, I’m enjoying it too much (sarcasm) I wanna stretch it for another week! Well, I can’t control time like Doctor Strange.

Speaking of Doctor Strange, they have not shown it in cinemas here yet. Another culture shock among many since I moved here.

But I’m not here to write about culture shock, I would rather share with you guys my experience at the city of Yokohama. A place with rich history and diverse sceneries.


On my first week here in Japan, my husband and I visited a friend in Yokohama where he was planning to take me to Yamashita Park which was a concrete park by the bay filled with great monuments and statues. I was lucky enough that Sankeien garden was the nearest attraction where we decided to continue our Autumn Foliage hunting.

We had no idea what the place looks like except for me wanting to go there, “it might just be a small garden.” Said my husband who was discouraging me to go there, thought it might be in the middle of nowhere and hard to access. Anyway, we decided to stop by a coffee shop at Yamate Station and continued discussing our options over coffee and cakes. Fortunately, he thought of asking the lady at the coffeeshop about Sankeien Garden and was told that it’s conveniently close to this station.

There’s a bus stop close to the Garden, you just need to walk a little further but there was also a taxi bay right in front of the station.

I took photos but also took a video with my phone. I posted this video before but you can watch it here.

View from Sankeien’s Pagoda

It’s always music to my ear when my husband tells me “you were right!” After completing our hike in the entire garden which took us about 2 hours.

Aside from this beautiful garden we also went to Osanbashi pier, where you’ll find the Yokohama International Passenger Terminal quite romantic especially at the roof deck. Our camera’s battery ran out (you can thank me for not charging it the night before) and my phone’s camera can’t take a proper photo so I couldn’t really show you the view from there at night time. However, it’s really beautiful and I’m planning to take a trip back there during summer. I think seeing the place during the day will be as nice as seeing it at night, especially the sea.

Behind us is the view from Osanbashi Pier

Lastly, we went to eat some ramen for dinner with friends who live there. It was my first time eating ramen at an authentic ramen shop, nothing like the Ramen restaurants we have in Manila. People were lined up in front of the shop and we had to order thru a vending machine. When we got our seats we were served ramen and ate without talking. Once finished, nobody stays and talk like we do in Manila. We leave as soon as we finish. It’s the Japanese fast food I must say.

However, nothing’s faster than 2017! If you’re in the Philippines reading this, then I know you can’t wait for new year’s eve, all the fireworks, firecrackers and media noche!

In Japan, New year’s eve is a trip to the temple and a lot of peace and quiet. But that’s only an impression for now, I’ll post another blog should I find myself wrong or if I find something amusing on my first new year’s eve here.

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