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Trip to the Zoo… My Guilty Pleasure

Hello! Hope you’re having a beautiful day. If you’re having a bad day maybe our friends from the Ueno Zoo can cheer you up.


Last month, my husband and I visited the Ueno Zoological Gardens. On my first visit there, the zoo was already closed so if you’re planning to visit make sure to check their schedule.

This is the oldest zoo here in Japan where the giant pandas first arrived from China. They have an english website where you can learn more about them and see their schedule.

On our second visit, we arrived there around 3pm and paid 1,200 yen for two adults. We spent two hours there, which was not enough to see everyone. I thinks it’s best to spend the whole day there so you can see all the animals.

I observed that the zoo kept the animals away from danger and stress. They were kept at a safe distance and provided fair warnings so we won’t disturb them.

Despite that, I still feel guilty that I went home and they don’t.


A trip to the zoo is my guilty pleasure, how about yours? You can leave your reply down below or provide suggestions for my next blog post.


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