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My Animal Cafe Experience (Tokyo)


I’m surprised with the variety of animal cafes here in Japan but most of what I can find here in Tokyo are Cat Cafes. So when I saw some blogs and video blogs featuring a rabbit amusement place, I searched for it. Read the reviews and checked the map, soon I’m riding a train towards Asakusa. It’s very accessible with Tobu Skytreeline at Asakusa station, it’s probably a 3-5 minute walk from the station.


This rabbit cafe used to be called “With Bunny” but they recently changed the name to “Hutch”. When I was reading the reviews of “With Bunny” there were several negative comments about the rabbits’ cages and the price but it seemed to me that by changing their name they also improved on taking care of the rabbits. Their cages were bigger but according to the internet a soft, solid floor is better.


The bunnies here are so adorable I think it’s worth it if you choose one and take it out to the rooftop or to the shared rooms. However, watch out for add-ons such as unlimited time and unlimited stuff because it’s really expensive.

According to the staff, they let the bunnies out of their cages and let them roam around upstairs after closing time. They put them back of course after some time.

Live Japan had an article about this place last December which you might find helpful.

I did not stay long because I’m not really a rabbit hugger. So I went back to Asakusa Station, took the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line for Shibuya.

Mocha Cat Cafe in Shibuya was the best according to the reviews online and they were not wrong. I find the place cozy and perfect to chill with your friends while watching cats roam around.


They have two floors, both perfect to accommodate humans and cats. You can have unlimited drinks for 390 yen and costs 200 yen every 10 minutes.


They have an english website here so you can learn more about them.


Like I said above, there’s a lot of cat cafes here in Tokyo but I have a favorite already.


Temari no Ouchi is a place for hardcore cat lovers out there. The place looks like a cat application I used to have called “Neko Atsume.”


I love it more than Mocha because they have an actual menu of good food and drinks hence, it’s an authentic Cat Cafe.


Unlike Mocha, they have a fix rate for admission and if you go there after 7pm, you’ll only pay 700 yen.

Here are websites featuring the place as well: TimeOut, Animal Cafes and reviews on TripAdvisor.


My trip to these places were so enjoyable but nothing compared to my stay at a dog cafe in Shibuya.


Dog Heart Aquamarine is nothing like the Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe we have in Manila but it was the only Dog place I can find in Tokyo.


They don’t really have the space for a variety of breeds so they mostly have poodles but they have one beagle and one golden retriever. People can also take them out for a walk or you can just stay inside.


I love this place because the moment I sit down on the floor, a poodle called “Milky” went up to my lap and sat there quietly, peacefully. Same with Peko (another poodle) who just sat beside me, as if guarding me from the other playful dogs.

The only thing I would like them to improve on was to get a bigger space and to actually offer drinks. So I can easily call it a Dog Cafe 🙂


Regardless of these setbacks, this place lifted my spirits up and I went home quite satisfied.


I hope this blog post was not long enough to bore you but as always, I hope you guys are having a beautiful time.

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