Makeup removal and skincare (Winter)

Hello everyone!

I’m running out of travel ideas for my blog so I decided to share with you guys my makeup removal skincare instead. Hah! It’s the reason why it’s called a beauty journal in the first place. I had a blog in which is also called J Beauty Journal and there I wrote some of my skincare routines already but for some reason I can’t access it here in Japan. Let me know if you can access this link in the reply/comment section below.

Okay back to my skincare, the products I use are available in Japanese drugstores but some of these brands are also available in Philippines (or anywhere in the world thru online shopping).

My skin type by the way is complex. I used to think I have an oily skin type but I was recently diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis and the Derma Doctor said I have sensitive dry skin. I guess our skin types change as we grow and evolve into something more difficult to manage. Hah! Just when I figured which products work best! I left all of my skincare back in Manila, so when I got here… Imagine trying to shop without even knowing what the label says.

Good lord, I was blessed with a man patient enough to translate everything, even if it does not make any sense to him.

So I’ve been doing this for 2 months now and so far my skin looks okay and feels fine.


Removing my eye makeup is very difficult so I use a lot of these sheets from Biore to: help gently pull my false lashes, remove some of my eyeliner and wipe away my lipstick. I do this before cleansing because for some reason the oil and foam cleanser are not enough to get rid of my eyeliner and mascara.


For now I do double cleansing because I find the foam cleanser too mild to get rid of all the foundation and sunscreen. This oil cleanser by the way leaves my skin pleasantly soft while the foam cleanser works really well with this facial brush from Phillips. I like how the brush pause prompting me to move the brush from my forehead down to my cheek and then the other. It then automatically stops, ensuring that I won’t overdo it.

However, if I’m not removing any makeup I skip the sheets and oil cleanser because the foam cleanser and brush works just fine. But if I’m feeling extra lazy, I also skip the brush.

Now after cleansing, I use these two. The first one appears to be a toner and the other appears to be a moisturizer. I’ve seen these around the internet and I haven’t read any negative reviews about it. I also did not see nor hear any hype about it. I guess it’s good if you’re the type of person who does not like the feeling of too much, on their skin. However, if you’re a skincare junkie, you might feel that these products are not enough. Nevertheless I like it, no complaints here.


The last thing I put is this lip balm. It feels minty and it actually works. I had chapped lips last week because I neglected my lips, I did not put any lip balm before leaving the house or even before I went to bed. I used this so my lips will not get any worse but I was surprised that it healed my lips the next day.

Well, that’s it folks! My skin looks okay and enduring winter so far. If you have some products that you can recommend and works well during spring, please comment down below.

Thanks for reading my blog!


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