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Hello, I hope you’re having a great weekend! I decided to show you guys the area where I currently live because I find it beautiful. I am also planning to have a seasonal post where I will take the same shots during spring, summer, fall. Right now, they say, is the Plum season and it’s slowly transitioning from winter to spring. By the way, I am currently learning to use this camera so I will appreciate any tips and feedback on photography. So leave your replies below!

This all started with me wanting to play Pokemon Go
I was able to get around and enjoy the parks
This sundial here is a Pokemon Gym and here I realized that I might as well practice photography


The best part for me was spotting some blossoms which got me excited for Spring.


I put the camera on Manual and enjoyed some of its results, let me know what you think.


However, I still don’t know if this is a plant or a flower.


Most of these shots were taken from the Higashi Ayase Park, where you can feed ducks and birds.


Can you see the bird?

I really like this place. My husband was hesitant to move here with me since this place was known for its crimes (like the murder of Junko Furuta – don’t google it… just don’t). However, this was his hometown and coming from the Philippines I couldn’t care less. Plus, the crimes he was referring to, happened a long time ago.

Tokyo Skytree

Our place is very quiet with several quaint houses and you can reach places by walking such as train station, department stores, the mall and convenience stores. The fun part is that you can find parks and playgrounds in every corner. They’re usually pokemon stops and gym as well.

A turtle pokestop lol
Sport center for Martial Arts

So this is my friendly neighborhood in Ayase. I hope you like this blog post as well as the photos. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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