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Reminiscing Osaka and Plum Blossoms

It’s probably Sakura trees blossoming around by the time you read this but I’d like to revisit our Osaka trip and share with you the beauty of the Plum blossoms. In case you’d like to know, my husband booked this trip with JR Tokai Tours.


We visited most of the tourists’ spots in Osaka but mainly hunted different Kushiyaki restaurants where you can only dip on the sauce strictly once. My husband had to watch me carefully because I always forget. The restaurants strictly observe this because everybody who use the same table basically uses the same dip. My husband calls it the “community sauce” which surprised me just a little because Japan literally shares a bath, so why not? At least they strictly observe their “one dip” policy unlike the street vendors we have in Philippines, LOL.

We stayed at Osaka Marriot Miyako Hotel which turned out to be the tallest building there and served us the most spectacular view of Osaka. A

We practically planned our third day’s itinerary based on what we can spot from our room.


The deal was, we should only visit the ones we can see from our view. We were actually reluctant to go to Osaka Castle because we thought it’s too far but we were surprised that when we zoomed our camera lens, the Osaka Castle was just there.


So out we went and saw this beautiful garden I’d been watching from our room. I think we paid a hundred and fifty yen for the entrance, it’s called Keitakuen Garden.


We did not see any other tourists there, the place looked so peaceful and we were both pleased.


That’s the Marriot hotel building above. I was glad we went to that garden because it was just walking distance from the hotel and it also served as our morning walk just like the few elderly residents we spotted in the area.

PWe visited a couple more parks in the area then made our way to the Osaka Castle. The castle was majestic and full of interesting artifacts inside. I was glad we skipped the long line for the elevator to get to the top.


However, the view from above was not what I was looking forward to, I was actually looking for a vantage point to see if their Plum garden was in full blossom already. Soon as I spotted the garden’s varying color, I went crazy.



Yeah, that kind of crazy. I was really excited for plum blossoms have varying shades. It’s actually one of my favorite trees because Plum wine is my favorite drink. V

They have complementing colors, I should say.


But I did not only enjoy the place, I also met a couple of friendly and interesting animals.


There’s Yu-kun, whom we spotted performing some tricks just outside the castle grounds.


Then there’s Peeta, a yellow friendly bird, whom we spotted with his owner at the Plum garden.


He was very kind to let me hold and feed him.


Next thing you know, we were best of friends.


Isn’t Peeta adorable??? And don’t you think his owner’s the best? Why, he was just taking Peeta out in the garden. IMG_4055

Like so…

Anyway, I really enjoyed the Plum season and our Osaka trip. I’m also glad you read up until here while I travel down to memory lane. Who knows, I’ll probably have another blog post that I can share with you if you stick around… with Sakura Blossoms… <wink> <wink>

’til next time my friend, have a nice day!


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