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My Neighborhood in Spring

Welcome to my seasonal blog post! During winter, I posted about my neighborhood for the first time. There I mentioned, I plan to post another version in different seasons. What I did last week was to take the same shots and compare them with my winter pictures. It was pretty fun and here are the results.

winter shot4-sidewinter shot3-sidewinter shot-sidewinter shot 2-sidesundial-sideplaying with focus-sideperfect for sakura veiwing-sidepARK3-sidepark 11-sideorchard -sideIMG_3395-sideIMG_3364-sideIMG_3305-sideIMG_3239-sideflower bed 4-sidefall shout2-sidebridge31-sidebike-side

The sakura blossoms were magical, especially when they started falling.falling sakurafalling sakura2

At that time I came across different types of Sakura trees here in Higashi Ayase park.

First is obviously Somei Yoshino, which is everywhere in Tokyo. By the way, Japan Monthly Web Magazine had listed several types of sakura and where you can see them. From their list, I found that my favorite tree is the “shidarezakura” I spotted them around Ayase and some temples around Katsushika. There is something about their droopy branches I find friendly and calming…


Photo by Kantaro Suzuki

However, as somei yoshino and shidarezakura shed their petals, Yaezakuras here in Ayase blossomed in full glory. Which made me change my mind on which tree’s my favorite.IMG_4954IMG_4962

Yaezakura looked pinker and they have bigger blossoms than somei yoshino trees. I thought I wouldn’t see anymore sakura trees this week but I was wrong.  Aside from the blossoming Yaezakuras, I spotted this rare green sakura tree!


They said it’s called gyoiko, green sakura tree, which blossoms during hazakura. It’s pretty rare and it’s cool to find one in our neighborhood.

Speaking of rarity, do you know this tree which looked like an autumn foliage in the middle of spring?


I saw this tree at the back of Cafe & Bar Tamer in Ibaraki. Leave a reply below and let me know. Thank you for reading my blog, have a great day!

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