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May Wanderings

It’s been awhile since I published any blog post about our travels. My husband and I travelled a couple of times but I failed to post the photos we took.

My husband and I are currently recovering and being with friends and nature helps a lot. Hence, here’s my long over due blog post about May flowers and Tokyo’s Golden week.


At the start of Golden week, our friend invited us around Tokyo to capture the Koinobori. The stories behind koinobori were fascinating thus, I will link the articles I’ve read so far.

Carp streamers, Koinobori song

I took a couple of photos but we mainly enjoyed each other’s company and a dynamic conversation (which would’ve lasted for the entire day) about Japan and journalism.

koinobori 2

Anyway, the rest of the Golden week, we decided to stay in our neighborhood. It’s kind of like our Christmas break in Manila, when every where’s crowded. I found it funny when I saw the traffic news on TV. They were showing a highway with cars moving and advising everybody about the “heavy” traffic, that drivers should be more patient. It’s funny because the cars were moving with about a meter away from each other. From my experience in Manila, you could hardly call that heavy. Probably for Pinoys it’s like moderate flow, or for any other countries where traffic jam is the norm.

by the seaside

When the Golden week was over, my husband and I went for a drive towards the seaside with another family friend. It was cloudy and a little chilly but the Hitachi Seaside park was no longer crowded. Here we enjoyed the sea breeze and May flowers.

poppiesnemophila closelandscapejmay flowers1may flowers 2larcg hitachi parklandscape nemophilaksphoto2ks landscapekphotohitachi nemophila

This large park was one of their national parks in Japan. My husband told me that it was a military base during war and found comfort by the idea that they converted a war base into a peaceful national park.

landscape nemophila

There’s even an amusement park inside with large playgrounds and a ferries wheel.

amusement park

Looks like you can camp out here
From above I thought this was a tent, it turned out to be a slide!

We rode the ferries wheel and saw from above that they also have a bike trail and a mini golf course.


They even have a maze which we couldn’t explore because the park was closing already. Please visit their english website to know more about their schedule and their amazing flower  calendar.


Nevertheless, we have a reason to comeback. We might just visit there during autumn.

Now, I would like to express my gratitude to our friends. Who’s always there to lend their ears and smiles.

We love you!


To my far away friends, to my family, I am forever grateful for your existence and our memories together.

To my Husband, who never fail to make me happy, I love you 🙂


To my readers, I hope these May flowers made you smile. I also urge you to go out once in awhile, breath the air by the trees and smell the flowers. Go by the seaside or mountains and just enjoy living. Hah! The irony.

J by the cafe

Hitachi Seaside Park Slideshow

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