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Summer Wanderings (Roppongi)


このブログポストは日本語と英語です。Well, I’m going to try and write it in Japanese as much as I can. がんばります!先週、六本木に行きました。Tokyo art Museum Alfons Mucha art exhibitをみました。ミウシャのペインティングはすてきでした。エグジビットはたのしかったです。Audio guide がありましたから、絵のいみが、よくわかりました。でも人がたくさんいて、天気は暑かったです。



Did I make sense at all?? Anyway, I was trying to say “last week, we went to ropponggi. We saw Alfons Mucha’s art exhibit at the tokyo art museum. Mucha’s paintings were beautiful. I enjoyed the exhibit because they have an audio guide. However, there were a lot of people and the weather was hot.”

Those eyes reminds me so much of “L” in the first Death Note. According to the audio guide, that guy’s Alfonso Mucha.

Anyway, I’m feeling summer already. Last week, we’ve been busy visiting places in the city and to just get some sunlight. Roppongi’s one of the places I like here in Tokyo because of the structures such as the Tokyo Tower. I was with my husband and I made him my photographer for a random photoshoot,  LOL.


Aside from visiting the exhibit, we also headed to my favorite cinema. The TOHO cinema in Roppongi Hills, where they usually have english subtitles for Japanese movies. That day we decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 again. My husband and I both enjoyed GotG, our taste in music are not always the same but this movie gave us the mix of music we both enjoy.

Currently, we’re catching up with PotC movies so we can both watch this on cinemas.

I love Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Disney but during those times they showed PotC, I was keeping every penny for Harry Potter movies! LOL.

Roppongi Hills have some interesting statues, especially this Monkey. What’s it pointing at? I have no idea.


They have these glass fountains surrounding the front yard? I dunno how you could call it but just hearing the water can be relaxing.summer11summer10

Beside Roppongi Hills, we stumbled upon Asahi TV’s garden and I didn’t hesitate asking for photos. It’s really nice to have a garden in the workplace.


I was supposed to include my trip in Sendagi but this post is long enough and I have a lot to write about our Sendagi trip. I will leave it here and hope you have a nice day! みんなさん、ありがとうございます。

PS: It’s my husband’s birthday and I want him to receive as much greetings as he can! Plus he’s responsible for most of my pictures in my blog, LOL. 今日はKantaro Suzukiの誕生日です。

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