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お香と桐箱(Japanese aroma and paulownia box)

先々週末、ハズバンドとお母さんと千駄木に行きました。お母さんの友だちの、アロマメイキングクラスがありましたから。にほんのアロマを、お母さんの友だちが、おしえてくれました。(I have a feeling the last sentence was terribly wrong) but my husband corrected it already. Anyway, I was trying to say, “last last week, I went to Sendagi with my husband and Okasan because her friend had an aroma making class. Okasan’s friend taught  me Japanese aromas.”


The shop her friend used for space was pretty cool. The shop offers a variety of Japanese craftsmanship but their main product was the 桐箱(Kiribako). It’s boxes made out of the paulownia wood/empress tree or “kiri” in Japanese. The place was also very accessible, Chiyoda line Sendagi Station was only a 4-minute walk.

Their business card is even made out of paulownia wood. You can also order business cards, minimum of hundred.
The boxes are pretty light.


日本の陶器 (Japanese Pottery)
日本のガラス(Japanese Glass)

The prices were reasonable for its quality, according to my husband but I think you will like their kiri postcards. It’s beautiful, affordable and doesn’t cost much when you send it via post mail. I was pretty impressed by the carvings on these wooden postcards. We got several of them and sent it to some friends. However, I kept one which I really like, it’s now on my wall in front of my study desk.


We also got some 桐箱 which I am now using to store my tea light candles. They have a website but it’s in Japanese. This small box was a freebie from the aroma making experience. Maya Takenaka, okasan’s friend, also spoke enough english to guide me in this experience. She’s a freelance aroma therapist and if you’d like to know more about her craft, you can contact her here: or


The class itself was supposed to be 90 minutes but we didn’t have the time so we just got an experience, which lasted 15-20 minutes, I guess. I figured, if I took her 90 minute class then I’d be able to customize the aroma according to my needs.


The experience I got was making an “aroma bag” where you mix herbs, spices and fragrant wood in a paper cup, storing it in a tea bag and then you put it inside a tiny aroma bag or におい袋.272623

I wasn’t liking the smell she introduced to me because they were all alien but the longer I smell it, I’ve come to like it because it reminds me so much of the forest. Before I moved to Manila, I spent some of my early childhood in Laguna where we have the woods at the back and front of the house.

“I feel like Hermione Granger in a Potions class.”
“But with Professor Trelawney”
“So can you make love potions using aromas?”…”Mm, No.”
“I think if we add the smell of coffee, anyone can fall in love with it.”

When I find that the smell of the fragrant woods, leaves and spices were comforting we continue to make another one which is the powder perfume.


The powder perfume I made was a bit strong so I don’t use it as a perfume. I’m using it for my tea light candles and just placing it in our kitchen. The aroma bag was pretty impressive. I can still smell it up to now, I think it has a placebo effect on me.34


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