TBT Series: Skincare 2016

I used to have a blog since 2009 and I’ve been actively posting last year. However, that website no longer exist or I can’t access it here in Japan. Since I have a channel in Youtube and the videos are still up there, I decided to do a throwback series every Thursday(Japan time) to give an update.

I decided to make this video last year’s July, when I had some pimples.

Like this one on my nose.

Today, I use the rose foam cleanser from Kanebo’s Evita line and it works just fine but not enough to avoid the breakouts I’m having on my forehead due to the weather changing.

However, last year’s facial cleanser is something I missed and I’ll probably repurchase, once I finish the rose foam cleanser.


Rosette Cleansing Paste is another Japanese drugstore facial cleanser, which you can purchase online if you’re anywhere but Japan. In Manila, I bet they already have it in Ayala malls. I found out about this cleanser from a Japanese-American Youtuber Melodee Morita, who could give you more information about the product. She started talking about the product at 1:40 but you can watch the whole video.

I liked using a net foam with the cleansing paste because it feels good on the skin and I somehow find it more effective. It’s also the reason why I got the Evita cleanser because it not only dispense a rose-shaped foam but the foam is also dense.

I also used skinfood’s black sugar wash off mask. I primarily use it as a scrub than a mask. It feels buttery on my skin so it’s quite gentle and leaves it smooth. It somehow gave my skin’s natural moisture after the cleansing paste. Cleansers that target blackheads and acne may strip your skin’s natural moisture. I know it’s weird that I scrubbed my face but the black sugar actually melts, that’s why it feels buttery. I don’t know if it’s because of Manila’s climate or it really works like that.


I also liked exfoliating my lips with this tony moly lip scrub. I used a soft-bristled toothbrush for kids and rinsed both scrubs altogether. Nowadays, I rarely exfoliate my lips and when I do, I use Lush’s sugar lip scrub.


I used to love this wonder pore freshener but it doesn’t deliver those 10 benefits indicated on the bottle. It works as a normal toner, it feels like water on my skin. No sting, no alcohol smell but pore minimizing? Nope, it did nothing to minimize my pores. The toner I’m using now is just the same, I don’t feel any satisfaction especially now that the whether is changing. It worked well during winter but for this season… I don’t think so. Do you have any suggestions for a toner during summer? Please let me know down below.



I used this oil because it stated a LOT of benefits on the catalogue and my mother recommended it. However, when I consulted a dermatologist last year for my dermatitis, I discovered that I have atopic syndrome. Which means, my dark pigmentation around my eyes will not go away. She told me these types of oil or eye creams will only help slow down wrinkles but the pigmentation will not go away.



I found out about that right after buying myself eye creams and under eye patches. What a waste of money. So for you out there who have some skin concerns, I urge you to consult a couple of dermatologists first before following trendy beauty routines.

Nevertheless, I learned something from last year’s skincare. Hope you like this post and let me know some of your thoughts about these products if you’ve used them.

Have a nice day everyone!


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