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June Flowers

We are half-way thru June people! Summer is fast approaching and so does FALL! My favorite season.Shoubunumakoen

I’m a little agitated whenever I feel time and my own mortality. Hence, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the flowers we observed this June.



I used to hate flowers back then, I find it impractical. Especially during Valentine’s day, it’s such a waste and it doesn’t even last long. However, lately I find myself appreciating every blossom I see in my surroundings because just like any flower, we all have our own mortality and unique beauty. There’s nothing we can do about it but appreciate it and nurture it. I guess I became more appreciative of my surroundings because it is still all strange to me. Back in the Philippines, it’s hard to tell which flowers are in season because we only think of flowers during Valentine’s day or during the All Soul’s day.



It is still considered Spring here but it really feels like summer already so we go out often. We have a park here in Adachi where they have a garden for 菖蒲. They also call it hana shoubu or Japanese Iris.

Another flower we observe is the Ajisai or the Hydrangea. Here in our town, we don’t really need to go to a specific park to observe this flower.ajisai on street

It actually blooms in most of the streets we turn and there’s even a house covered in Ajisai that’s just in front of a local grocery store beside the Ayase station.

However, people from far off places still go to temples to observe both of these flowers during rainy season between spring and summer.

One of the Temple we visited that has Iris and Ajisai gardens

This culture of observing flowers in any season is something I am grateful for. It’s one of life’s simple joys when you can observe nature’s beauty in peace.


Leave me a reply down below some of your home town’s Spring Flowers or some of your favorite ones. It’s always nice to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy these photos. Some of them were taken by my husband Kantaro Suzuki, who is still teaching me some of the basics of Photography.6

If you’re in the Philippines, do you agree that we tend to appreciate trees with fruits rather than flowers? I remember in Manila, that we mostly have news about which fruit is in season rather than flowers. Somehow, it speaks a lot about culture, how people observe and appreciate their environment.


Below are links to blogs and websites where I read about these flowers’ history and origin. I thought it’s a good read that you might enjoy.

TsukuBlog – Ajisai

Ajisai – Flower meaning

Hydrangea Season

Japanese Iris



Thank you for visiting my blog, have a beautiful day!

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