TBT Series: Peach Eyes 2016

So this video’s almost a year old and it is still similar to the colors I pick for my make-up. Most of the products here were already expiring when I left Manila, so I didn’t bring my full makeup kit. The foundation I used here was L’oreal’s Infallible stay fresh 24H, which did not feel nor look okay during fall & winter here. IMG_20160905_111758It was sad because it performed well on my skin while in Manila. But I had to stop using it despite it’s close-enough shade for my skin tone. The sponge I used was from Etude, it’s shape made it convenient when you blend your foundation. I thought of buying the beauty blender here in Tokyo, so I threw that one away (You have to replace them after 3 months anyway). However, I was surprised to find none in any shopping district I go to. So I might just go back to Etude’s cream puff or any brand with that sponge shape. I usually skip concealers because I’m not a professional. If I use concealer, it just usually wrinkles and my dark under eyes gets a highlight! So I go to my eye brows and this product, designing eyebrow pencil, is from the face shop. IMG_20160905_111559I just bought it right before this video and I am still using it. Thankfully its’ shelf life is a year and I still have some product. I can still use it 2-3 months from now but I might use up all of it before it expires. I might repurchase it but I don’t often see any face shops here in Tokyo. I will appreciate it if you can recommend an eyebrow pencil here in Tokyo.

I don’t do much on my eyebrows except for filling it in, this product glides smoothly compared to some chalky pencils in the drugstores. You also don’t have to sharpen it.

On my eyes, I used this La Palette Nude from L’Oreal. I just got it on the same IMG_20160904_191448month I made this video but I did not bring it with me. I loved the shades on the palette but because of my skin tone the color payoff isn’t to die for. IMG_20160905_115909If you watch the video, you’ll see the shimmer but no color. So I added this eye shadow on my crease. It’s a darker peach color from Etude and it was my favorite shadow.
IMG_20160905_111655I mostly blend it with some plum or brown shades. Sadly, I had to throw it away before I hit the pan because of the expiration. This orange eyeshadow I got from the face shop last year will soon expire and I recently made a video for my updated summer look to use it more.IMG_5697

This brown shade was also from Etude house and I must say, it was the most practical shade I ever bought. IMG_20160905_111712I also use it to contour my face and line my eyes. I might just buy it again because the contouring shades here are too light for me.

Then I use this pro-matte powder, which was the hype last year. IMG_20160904_191317It was worth the hype in Manila because it works just right for the weather there. Here in Tokyo, it’s hard to find Matte-finish products. I observed that they’re more into glossy, shimmery and non-drying products when it comes to make-up.IMG_20160904_191224

My sunset safari matte blush by city color can last for a year or two, so I’m still using it as a blush/contour. I’m not into the Japanese trendy blush that they put under their eyes because “hindi bagay” I will look like a Native Indian. Lol, just kidding.

Oh this NYX lip creme too expired, it’s goopy already. Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 3.23.08 PMIt’s finish was matte and it did not dry up my lips but when I eat or drink it transfers. I’m ready to explore lipsticks from Japan, I just have to learn to distinguish Japanese brands. Most of the products may look like they’re from here but they come from China, America and Europe.

IMG_20160905_111738Lastly, my mascara was the Shiseido Integrate mascara. I don’t have to curl my lashes when I use this because it’s got some fibers that extend my lashes up to the heavens. Yes! But it can be pretty hard to remove, it may last longer than a day so long as you do not rub. Who wears mascara that long?? Kidding aside, I loved that mascara.

Excuse my face on this video, I love making faces when putting on makeup. I mean who doesn’t?

Anyway, the music was the Main theme from Kaichou ha Maidsama (会長はメイド様) soundtrack by Wataru Maeguchi.


PS: I finally figured how to access my old blog in blogger.com! It was a simple URL issue that anyone can quickly solve if only I wasn’t that stupid, lol.


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