Travel Journal

Nikko Hot Springs

I might have mentioned before that my husband and I have atopy. As much as I wanna avoid the heat these days, going to hot springs helps our skin. So my in-laws, together with my husband, and I went to Nikko Yumoto. There’s a lot of onsens to choose from but this place was chosen by my Father-in-law. I call him Otosan (お父さん) and mother-in-law’s (お母さん) which means father and mother respectively. お父さんは温泉に行くのが大好きです。でも、日光は遠いので、1日旅行は大変です。


Nikko’s pretty far for just a day trip at the onsen, so next time we agreed to stay one night. You won’t notice that much difference on your skin if you only dip in the water once or twice. 次は一泊します。アトピーがもっとよくなりますから。


It is about a 3-hour drive from our place to Nikko Yumoto. We took longer since we had to stop for lunch and check other sites along the way. I enjoyed the ride thru the Japanese cedar trees and around the mountains. The sun was out but the gust of wind felt good.




Our first stop was kanman-ga fuchi abyss where we checked the statues of Jizo. jizoMy in-laws told me that if you try to count the statues, you’ll always end up with a different number. Sadly, I forgot to count the statues again so I can’t tell if I was able to count some ghosts. However, they were known as “hyaku-jizo” or hundred jizo but my first count was 90 statues then there was this website that claimed 70 statues. Weird but the statues were lined along a stream so it wasn’t spooky. It was quite refreshing and the cool stream was a little bit tempting. stream2stream1stream3I told my お父さん that, if this was in Philippines, people won’t be walking around it. In fact people will be down in the stream enjoying a bath or washing their laundry, lol.




After having lunch we stopped by an observatory to view Mt. Nantai which was recently classified as a volcano because it showed evidence of an eruption 7000 years ago.


Then we finally arrived at the onsen at Nikko Yumoto which was rich in sulfur. The water smells a lot like when you’re boiling an egg. Some would say like a rotten egg but after a while it doesn’t bother my nose. The water had a milky white color and smell but I felt good afterwards. I sank into oblivion during the drive back home. It’s rare for me to fall asleep in a moving vehicle but I guess it took an onsen bath to knock me out. 私とお母さんは温泉を楽しみました。とても気持ちよかったです。


The gifs I showed above is from the Yunodaira Marsh where the hot springs of Nikko Yumoto come from. Nikko is also popular for its hiking trails which I am looking forward to try next time aside from its hot springs.

That’s all from this trip guys! I try to write in 日本語 as much as I can and looking forward to a complete Japanese blog!がんばります!

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