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Good bye Summer

It feels good to say that, summer heat is almost gone and Autumn Season is upon us! Time to layer up my clothes again and hunt for autumn colors! However, let’s not take summer for granted, it made me feel like I’m home again in the Tropical Philippines. Sadly, I wasn’t able to visit any beach but I’m pretty happy with the places I visited.

Summer made me very active, such as going to hot springs (despite the heat), ClimbingIMG_3426 up a mountain, enrolling to a language school and getting a haircut!

If you read my recent blog posts then you probably read about my trip to Nikko onsen, but I haven’t written about my recent self-proclaimed achievement which was my hike towards the peak of Mount Oyama.

It was rainy during the first week of August and I got too bored just staying at home. A distant relative of mine lives here in Yokohama and often goes on a hike. So I decided to join Earl and his friends, it was their practice hike for their upcoming climb for Mount Fuji. 20525418_10155553201596530_6918788114474288641_nI got a really good but tough experience as a beginner. Mount Oyama was not really for beginners, I should say that, despite a website claiming it to be for beginners. 20604314_10155553201751530_333126898479461020_n

No matter how tough hiking can be, if you’re with great company, it’s always fun. Don’t get me wrong, I was whiny about the varying trails and how it looks like a rock slide more than a trail.

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Yung totoo, trail ba to? Parang landslide eh 🤣 #hiking

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At the end of it all, I was pretty satisfied.

I’m glad I experienced hiking at Mount Oyama, it just showed that I can do it without riding cable cars. So this Autumn, I’ll make sure I can hike and bask in the colors of Autumn.

I also went to Yokohama and tried most of the rides in Minato Mirai. Also viewed Yokohama Bay from the Landmark Tower.

We also played bowling with the family in Aoto.

Aug-30-2017 23-31-19

Visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building observation Decks.

Aug-30-2017 23-40-26Aug-30-2017 23-47-10

I’ve also been trying a lot of restaurants and cafes here in Tokyo.

I’ve been to some of the cultural heritage parks with scenic beauty here in Tokyo.

All of these were done this summer! I was pretty active and a lot less time to feel depress!

Also, I have an announcement to make… I’m starting to do travel video blog!! Or vlog.

My friend Jahric Lago started his FOOBU food show on Facebook recently and I spoke to him about doing something similar set in Tokyo. Thus, the birth of J Beauty Journal on Facebook!
If you’re on Facebook please visit J Beauty and hit like, I will soon post videos this September and I can’t wait to show you guys around Tokyo.

PS: Big thanks to Earl for an awesome hike and another for Carlo, he’s the one who made my awesome jbeautyjournal logos!

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