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(An out-of-the-blue) Nikko Day-trip


I got a full-time job already so I’ve been busy but it is not an excuse to stop writing on this blog. However, I got sick due to the changing seasons so blah, blah, blah – no more excuse LOL.

SO, I have another travel blog for Nikko, this time it’s a day-trip using public transportation. Our plan was to sightsee and a hot spring.

On our way to Nikko, I noticed a lot of leafless trees with orange fruits on them. Turns out it’s the season of Japanese persimmons or “kaki”. I also noticed that a lot of houses in Tochigi have their own solar panels on their roof, they say the demand for solar power increased in Japan after the Tsunami disaster.


The train we used was the Spacia limited-express, ¥5600 for two passengers. I recommend this if you’re traveling by fours because you can turn the seats so you guys can chat facing each other. It’s not a shinkansen but quite similar.

Upon arriving at Tobu-Nikko station, it is recommended to visit the tourist information center and talk to the staff when deciding your sightseeing route. You can keep the map they drew on as a guide. K bought the coupon tickets inside the station while I wait in-line for the next bus. It’s peak season so bus gets full and people had to stand in the aisle like in EDSA but not that cramped.

I was wrong when I thought it was the perfect day for sightseeing, it was sunny at the station but as soon as the bus drove up the mountain I realized that I missed the peak of Autumn foliage. As soon as we reached Kegon falls, I noticed that it was lightly snowing already!


Chuzenji lake was amazing if only the wind did not attack me with snowflakes I could’ve stared at the beautiful scenery.  Despite the cold, we went down to the observatory of Kegon falls and marveled at the 15 thousand-year-old waterfalls formed by the Chuzenji lake when Mt. Nantai erupted. Remember Mt. Nantai? I think I wrote about it on my Nikko Yumoto blog.

We were also lucky to spot a Kamoshika, it used to be an endangered species but still rare to see one according to K.kamoshika

Initially, I wanted to try the Akechidaira ropeway but because it was too windy they stopped it. Even the boat that cruises around Chuzenji Lake did not operate.

Our plan to go to an onsen before leaving was canceled because I was smart enough not to bring my power bank to charge my phone. We couldn’t find the nearest onsen and it was really cold up there that we decided to come down to Nikko-Tobu station where we eventually rode another limited-express train back home.IMG_1296

So that was our out-of-the-blue Nikko day-trip, where you can probably learn from when making day-trips. I hope this blog served a little entertainment and a little perspective when making a day excursion to Nikko from Tokyo.

I will do my best to keep posting every weekend. So I hope you subscribe as well and share it with your friends and family! がんばります!


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