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Before this year ends, I want to write and express my intentions for next year.

I haven’t been consistently writing on my blog and I owe that to my new job.

I haven’t also been posting any video blogs lately, thanks to my procrastination.

I have tons of videos to edit and a lot of stories to tell that I forgot to write about. While I was being silent on this blog I have gained experiences and new friends! Hopefully, they do not mind me publishing this photo here😂 I am very grateful, really.

Today I celebrated my birthday by🎂 cleaning and reorganizing the apartment. I’m quite proud of myself for not wanting to go to a spa, not wanting to shop for new clothes and shoes or go spend a night somewhere else.

I feel like I’m ready to be a full-time adult –
Just kidding! We went to an empty playground on our way home from my birthday pig out.

Anyway, I plan to be more consistent on posting and uploading content for my website and channel.

I have recently acquired the bullet journal system for my personal life and work which hopefully helps me manage my forgetfulness.

Oh! Right, about my plan with this blog. I plan to write every weekday and publish it on Saturdays. My content will be random, as random as my life can get. 😂

Now that I completely forgot the point of this post, let me just say my biggest thanks to YOU for spending your precious time to read my blog. I really appreciate it and I will do my best to come up with beautiful content and insightful compositions however random it might be. I wish you all the best for the next year and beyond!😂

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