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SR18: Takayama

こんにちは、みんなさん! Have you seen my vlog post featuring Hida Takayama? If not you can scroll down below to watch the video. But if you’ve seen it already then this is just the second part of our Takayama trip.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 5.24.01 PM

Before we head back to our hotel to check-out, K and I visited Takayama Jinya which is the most important Historical building in Hida.

tea room

It is a National Historic site that’s well preserved because it was still being used by the government until 1969.  K said that the Tokugawa mark in front of the building is quite rare because it’s in the middle of the mountains and far from Edo(Tokyo).

Tea ceremony room

It’s the biggest and oldest Japanese building I’ve been to and I must say, it reminds me a lot of the houses in Philippine provinces.

Maybe because almost all of the materials used to construct the building were all coming from the forest.


The hotel we used for this trip is Takayama Ouan which is walking distance from Takayama station and Takayama Jinya.

They give you this Samue which is originally Japanese Buddhist monks’ working clothes.

Takayama Ouan is a hybrid of a Japanese Ryokan and a Western building. They have tatami-floored rooms and Japanese style interior.


This is their Deluxe Double room. It’s a double bed without any bed frame.

The best part of this hotel was the private open-air bath. Their onsen bath both public and private were on the top floor of the building. Which gives you a nice town and mountain view.

Onsen lounge on the top floor

Here is my silhouette enjoying our private open-air bath while watching the sunrise over the mountains.

No need for reservation or extra fee to get in the private bath, you just need to line up and wait.

Takayama Ouan has buffet style breakfast (variation of Western and Japanese food) but K did not like it as much as I did. He said that most Japanese foods had a strong taste of sweet miso.


That’s all for our Takayama trip みんなさん! I hope you enjoyed this and are thinking of your next trip to Gifu prefecture.



9 thoughts on “SR18: Takayama”

  1. Oh my…this is so love. Would live to visit here someday, if given the chance. My daughters would love it here. They have been studying about Japan for some time now.


  2. The open air bath with a mountain view sounds so enticing! I’d love to visit someday….for the buffet-style breakfast if nothing else (that looks absolutely delicious even if it isn’t super authentic).


  3. It looks wonderful! I would very much like to be able to come and get a weekend in one such traditional house. Thank you very much for the video and the pictures!


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