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What we love about the Venetian Glass Museum in Hakone Japan

If you’ve heard about Hakone’s Glass Forest and wondering what’s in it for you, then continue reading to see the beauty of it!


First and foremost this was during Japan’s wet season which is the month of June. We were prepared for a rainy day so our trip mainly consists of indoor activities. It is one of Hakone’s versatility as a tourist spot, even if the weather is gloomy, there are so many places you can explore that suits the weather or season.


However, you need to be careful of closing days, our first stop was the Little Prince museum but it was closed. The bus driver was very kind, as soon as we boarded the bus, he let us know that it’s closed. Good thing all of the sites there have bus stops so we just moved on to the Venetian glass museum which was on the next stop.


This museum did not restrict me from recording inside except during the performance of a Japanese artist playing a horse headed fiddle. It was an ecstatic performance by Senjiya using a morin khuur, a traditional musical instrument of the Mongolian Nomads. There were no extra fees to see the performance.


From April until November, they are featuring the Barovier Family’s creations. Primarily, Giuseppe’s miraculous swaying wine glasses. Sadly, you can’t see if it really does sway because they have something attached to it. Makes you think, why would anyone want their wine glasses to sway with the wind? It is still brittle so over time it will break…

I don’t think they allowed me to shoot the miraculous swaying wine glass, I don’t have any clip to show you but to give you an idea here’s the bill they gave us for the exhibit.


Ridiculous isn’t it? But it is art so I respect it. Also, since the glasses are supported and can’t sway as advertised. They put up a video showing how it sways. I was really looking forward to seeing them break lol too bad. Just Kidding! Nevertheless, I was fascinated by Venetian glass history and the varying designs they have displayed there.

If you can understand Japanese and you would like to give them a visit I recommend getting the audio guide. K really enjoyed it and he’s Japanese. I was so bummed out that they do not have an English audio guide. They do have some English signs and description, so I wasn’t all in the dark.


On this day, we were very lucky it wasn’t raining outside so we got to enjoy the Gardens and outdoor display. However, they do provide umbrellas for their visitors to take a stroll in their gardens for free.


We had our lunch there and for a moment we were transported to Italy. The food and drinks were good, not to mention the live performances of Italian music. It really changed my initial thought that Hakone Glass Museum will not be worth it because of a review online.


I also now understand why Japanese local tourists love Hakone’s Glass forest.


That’s it for Hakone’s Venetian Glass Museum, thank you for reading. Hope you have a beautiful day!

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