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Okinawa: Cape Maeda

こんにちは、みんなさん!(Hello everyone!)

I am back with another Okinawa blog and it’s about our trip to Cape Maeda and it’s Blue cave.

Cape Maeda is at Okinawa’s Onna Village, right beside Yomitan Village. It is an hour away from Naha city via train and bus.

Instead of taking public transport, we decided to rent a car. It was surprisingly cheap but gas was a bit expensive. Considering the comfort and ease of our trip, I’d say it was worth it and I would recommend it if you guys decided to stay in Okinawa’s main island.


We rented a decent Demio with Niko-Niko rental car. They’re very cheap but they only have services in Japanese.

I think it took about 15 minutes before we could hit the road. K had to show his driver’s license and fill-out forms in Japanese as well as check the entire car for scratches prior to using it.

There was an Orix rental car in Naha too which is good for foreigners because they have English translations on their website.

Soon we’re on the road, on our way to Onna village. We contacted a local snorkeling/diving instructor, who offers complete package experience for diving and snorkeling.


He knows a bit of English too so I can recommend him to experienced divers out there.

I have no words for this wonderful experience, which is probably why it took so long to write this blog. So here are pictures from our snorkeling experience courtesy of Tamada-san, the diving instructor.

All of the snorkeling/diving gear is provided by Tamada-san
He also takes everyone’s pictures all throughout the experience


We were given food to feed the fishes too

Back in the Philippines, we were never allowed to feed the fishes. I was surprised Okinawa divers do it. Although I understand how it can be bad, I don’t know how to refuse since it was included in our snorkeling package. (Lame excuse, I know)


It costs a total of 7000JPY including the snorkeling gear, suits, pictures, and fish food for two people.

The blue cave was truly magical but there were too many people on and under the water that the cavefishes might find us annoying lol. However, this diving site is popular among the locals too, that they might have adapted to it.

Cape Maeda’s facilities are quite old so it wasn’t a nice shower experience. To be able to shower requires you to slip a coin in an old machine, where you can adjust the water temperature. Once you get that coin in, the shower should start. In my experience, it didn’t and I had to ask for some help from Japanese girls, who quickly spotted that the coin got stuck! I had to improvise and find anything that was stiff and thin to push the coin thru. Thanks to somebody’s garbage and to the helpful Japanese girls, I was able to start the shower.

So please keep that in mind and also visit their website here. They sometimes close it due to weather condition.

Lastly, we enjoyed an afternoon walk along the cliff. Having the sun and looking out the blue sea without the annoying sands in our feet.


I told you, this series is about “Okinawa: anything but beaches.”

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog about Okinawa and hopefully inspired your summer trip next year.

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Have a beautiful day!

6 thoughts on “Okinawa: Cape Maeda”

  1. Omg Okinawa is gorgeous, which makes me wonder why still many Japanese people go to the Philippines for the same experience? I want to book flight now!


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