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Mount Tsukuba in Early Autumn

Hello everyone! Welcome to another blog for Autumn in Japan series. Last week, K and I needed some time away from the city so we decided to check Mount Tsukuba’s autumn colors.


It was about a 90-minute drive from our place but we got there in the afternoon already. K parked the car just outside Mt. Tsukuba’s Jinja and climbed several sets of stairs to the cable car station.

We were early to view the full autumn colors of this mountain but got a little excited from early color changing trees.


This mountain is considered one of the top 100 mountains of Japan despite its height of 877m.  The l

This mountain is said to be the origin of Japan’s Deities because of its double peaks. It is also always compared to Mt. Fuji, being its opposite. You can check out this website where it tells you more about it. 


There’s a couple of power-spots here because this place is considered sacred. A lot of them were for match-making but this stone shaped like a frog is believed to grant good luck in money and work. Only if you can toss a rock and have it settle on its stone mouth. 


The cable car is only until 4:30pm so we couldn’t climb the other peak called Nantai-san but took a short trek up to the “Female peak” which is Nyotai-san. 


I was initially scared to go to the edge of the rocks and look over the beautiful Kanto Plain. The locals told us that the best time to go on top of the mountain is during the morning because it’s usually clearer.


It would’ve been great to watch the sunset and view the Kanto plain’s night lights. But we’re not avid hikers so we rushed to get to the cable car’s last trip.

However, on our way down to the foot of the mountain, we were able to watch the sunset on an empty parking lot.


We also found some trees blossoming in the chilly autumn air. It could be a sakura tree or a plum tree but one thing’s for sure, they’re magnificent against this beautiful sunset sky.


That’s it for today’s blog! Hope you come back for my next autumn blog post.


Have a beautiful day!

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