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Hachioji’s 39th Vibrant Ginkgo Festival

Hello everyone! Last week was Hachioji’s Ginkgo Festival and I thought it would be fun to add it to our Autumn in Japan blog series.

Ginkgo Festival is called Ichou Matsuri in Japanese and it is held on a weekend when Ginkgo trees change their color to bright yellow. 

We decided to go to Takao station and start our walk there along Koshu avenue. There’s a bit of a weird smell but that’s only because of the Ginkgo seeds. It’s not overwhelming except for the beautiful Golden Avenue. I’ve crossed a couple of pedestrian lanes and climbed footbridges just to be in the middle of Koshu highway. I just couldn’t get enough of the brightly colored trees!

Aside from the 90-year-old Ginkgo trees, the locals added several attractions to this 39-year-old annual festival. 

While you walk along this avenue, vintage cars casually drive around town which is Hachioji’s Michelin Classic car parade. Something K found more amusing than the Ginkgo trees.

In front of the Ryonan Park, locals have organized an Awa dance. A lively traditional Japanese dance, originally from Tokushima and usually performed during Obon.

Past Nishi-Hachioji, the majority of Ginkgo trees were still green and since we got tired of walking, we headed to Nishi-Hachioji station. From there we went back to Shinjuku’s bright lights and ended our fun day with The Alley’s Black sugar bubble tea.

Please watch the video above and follow me for more upcoming travel blogs in Japan.

We are soon wrapping up our Autumn in Japan blog series, so don’t miss out on next week’s post!

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

9 thoughts on “Hachioji’s 39th Vibrant Ginkgo Festival”

  1. Wow! The trees look stunning. The festival looks like a fun time of the year to visit. I would enjoy seeing the vintage cars as well.


  2. I never heard about the Hachioji’s festival before but it sure seems like an interesting experience. I was planning to visit Japan around this time of the year so I might check it out. Thank you for sharing this.


  3. It’s interesting to know about such festival. In my country the trees change colors the same way in autumn, but we do not have such festival. We should follow Japan and celebrate it too 🙂


  4. Wow what a variety! I love how many festivals that Japan has to celerbate the various things throughout the year and season. This seems especially entertaining with the vintage cars as well!


  5. I can really tell that this festival is indeed very happening! Love Gingko, we always cook it as a sweet chinese dessert back home.


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