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TeamLab’s Digitized Lakeside and Forest at Metsa Village

I saw this Metsa Village in Saitama on an ad somewhere on my social media apps and I thought it’s a wonderful place to include on my キラキラ winter blog series.

So teamLab is an art collective, interdisciplinary group of ultra-technologists. They are the group responsible for the digital art exhibits in Shin-Toyosu, Odaiba and many more. They are famous for creating immersive, interactive and out of this world art installations.

I’ve been to their Shin-Toyosu Planets exhibit and I became a fan of their work! You can watch the video below and see why I became a fan.

They have several art installations all over Japan as well as around the world. 

The exhibit in Metsa Village is inspired by Nature with three exhibitions that transform depending on the interaction of the people around it. The lights are said to be “Autonomous” fading in and out as if the forest and lakeside are breathing.

They have the Resisting and resonating ovoids in the forest. They’re like giant beauty blenders that change colors when people push them and the light from that ovoid will be passed onto the nearby ovoids, creating a domino effect. There’s also the floating, resonating spheres near the entrance. The also change colors when they receive an impact and the other spheres will copy the color, creating a chain reaction.

It’s a wonderful experience but for a limited time only. The exhibit is open until March 3, 2019, and costs 1,000 – 1,200JPY per person. 

You can also reach Metsa Village in Saitama by train and bus. 

I recommend any teamLab exhibits you can visit whenever you’re here in Japan. However, if you’re a fan of outdoors and Nature, this exhibit should be fun. It’s also like a giant playground where kids and adults can both enjoy.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope this blog inspired your next travel plans. That’s it for today’s blog, have a beautiful day!

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