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2018’s Fascinating Tokyo Winter Illuminations

Hello everyone! Welcome to another キラキラ winter blog series!

Since the first week of December, I’ve been going around Tokyo, admiring its annual winter Illuminations.

So here are all the places I visited, in case you missed Tokyo’s winter dancing lights. You can also watch the video below!

Tokyo MidTown Soap Bubble Illumination (November 13 – December 16)

I wasn’t able to visit this place despite working just one station away in 2017. Last year’s winter schedule was super hectic that I didn’t have time to enjoy Tokyo’s winter キラキラ(kirakira) lights.

Anyway, this year I was able to enjoy the entire complex decorated with fancy LED Christmas lights. This year’s theme is called “the universe,” where the lights mimic the movement of space with approximately 190,000 LED lights and over 100 balloon lights. 

This is, so far, my favorite winter illumination in Tokyo. I really love the Soap Bubbles they added for this year’s starlight garden. Sadly, it was only for a short period of time. Unlike most of Tokyo’s illumination, Soap bubble Illumination was only from November 13 – December 16. I hope they’ll bring it back next year and with more pleasant surprises! 

Caretta Shiodome Princess Illumination (November 14 – February 14, 2019)

I’ve watched Caretta’s winter illumination last year, which had the “Beauty and the Beast” theme and I loved it! Also, it’s only walking distance from the Ginza area.

This year’s theme is Princess Illumination which is a collaboration with Disney’s movie NEX. They have alternating Frozen and Tangled theme dancing lights, running from November 14 – February 14, 2019. So you have plenty of time to check this one out! They have it annually too, so you can always go another time.

Tokyo Skytree Dream Christmas Illumination (only until December 25th)

Another spectacle I always miss to watch since moving to Tokyo, but not this year!

This year’s Dynamic Projection mapping is the Dream Christmas. It’s Illumination on another level! Go ahead and watch the video above to see a glimpse of the performance.

The Dream Christmas Illumination is only until December 25th but you can still check out Tokyo Skytree’s different lighting events. Some of the Christmas lights will also remain until next year.

Tokyo Time Travel Illumination (open until the end of March 2019)

Finally, I saved the biggest one for last, and this is Tokyo’s Mega Illumi. They launched this event last October and it will be open until the end of March 2019. They weren’t kidding when they said they’re the biggest in Tokyo. This place is HUGE because it’s a big Horse Racetrack. However, after watching the previous Illuminations, I felt a little underwhelmed by their display. I was also a little disappointed because the first three locations I visited were for FREE but this Tokyo Mega Illumination cost 1,800JPY. It’s also like in the middle of nowhere. It’s somewhere in between Haneda Airport and Hamamatsucho. Nevertheless, their “Tokyo Time Travel” theme this year is amazing. I just probably felt that way because I had my desserts before my meal LOL.

So that’s it for today’s blog post everyone. It’s my last post this 2018, so I am greeting you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you guys in 2019!

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