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“Kulitan” at TeamLabs BORDERLESS world in Odaiba

こんにちは、みなさん!Hello everyone!

I went to another TeamLabs exhibit here in Japan and it’s their permanent exhibit called Borderless world.

This time I went with ate Tara, a Filipino friend I met from my Japanese language school. Odaiba is probably our favorite hangout place, so we went to the TeamLabs exhibit near Aomi station.

The ticket for this exhibit is 3,200JPY per person but you can spend the entire day there. Sadly they don’t have any food inside. They do have a lounge where you can drink refreshments from the vending machines. They also have a tea house but I did not go inside. I got caught up with the rest of the rooms there that I forgot to check it out. We also kinda got lost inside lol, this place is huge.

The place has so many rooms to explore and the immersive digital art in every room and walls never gets old. I think we went to several rooms 2-3 times because their art interacts with the movement/presence of the people inside the room that it never looks the same.

There are tons of activities inside the Athletic forest for kids and adults. So it’s the perfect place for families when visiting Odaiba, Tokyo.

The only thing I did not appreciate was the long queue for the Floating Nest. The digital work was similar to the cave universe so it did not feel worth waiting for 60 minutes.

However, in its entirety, the experience was worth the 3,200JPY I paid for.

I wanted to live stream on kumu inside the borderless world but it was too dark for my phone camera and they did not allow me to bring my gimbal inside. They also do not allow people to bring selfie-sticks and tripods. Shoutout to Regine and Team Shingewr 🙂

If you’re thinking of taking a trip there, don’t forget to download their application. You can use it inside the crystal world to contribute to the display.

You can also use the same app in TeamLabs Planets Toyosu. Speaking of which, I might just go back there because the weekdays are cheaper now, only 2,700JPY.

Hope you guys can visit this place and enjoy the mesmerizing world of Digital Art.

That’s it for today’s blog post, have a beautiful day!


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