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Arrival in Kanazawa and Exploring the Ancient Samurai District

Konnichiwa Mina-san! Sorry, this blog post is late but it’s better late than never.

Last week I decided to finally visit Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture Japan. As usual, I used Willer express bus to get there and to book my stay. This is also NOT a sponsored blog.

I booked the bus and hotel 2 days before I leave so I only saw night bus routes. I’m not sure if there’s a day time bus going to Kanazawa from Tokyo but that time my options were limited.IMG_9285

Technically I stayed in Kanazawa for one night but I was out for 3 nights because of the round-trip night bus.


I’ve grown accustomed to the relax type seat, I heard it’s specifically designed for women, so I slept well. You may want to think twice if you’re tall and big, seats may be too small for you. I’m 5.2 ft tall and it’s just right for me. 

Arriving in Kanazawa

I arrived in Kanazawa around 6 am, it’s pretty early even for Kanazawa city to be busy. Majority of the shops were closed even for their tourist information center. I took my time walking around the Kanazawa station, looking for the restroom and coin lockers. They weren’t hard to spot and it’s a small station so it’s easy to remember your way around the area. I also looked for the hotel I booked so I won’t have to find it later when I am already tired of exploring the city. Also had breakfast at Starbucks since it’s along my way coming from the hotel, right next to the station entrance.

The tourist information center opens at 8:30 am and it is right next to the east exit of the station.

I recommend going here first and buying their 1-day loop bus pass, which was only for 500JPY. The bus is the cheapest transportation to use for sight-seeing within Kanazawa city. Each ticket cost 200 yen so you’ll be saving a lot if you use their loop-bus pass. Go to either bus stop 6 & 7 to start your exploration of Kanazawa city.

Kanazawa’s Samurai District


For my first day in Kanazawa, I ended up exploring the Samurai District of Nagamachi. Samurai District is walking distance from Minami-Cho Oyama Jinja Shrine bus stop and Korinbo bus stop. 

If you’re a fan of the Ancient Samurai then you’ll have a lot of fun discovering traces of the SamuraI district during the Feudal lord’s rule.


The ancient site of the Nomura Samurai house is the highlight of my visit there. You can enter the house and imagine what it used to be like back in the glory days of the Samurai. 


I specifically enjoyed sitting down at the drawing room and looking out the exquisite Kobori Enshu style garden. There’s also a room full of excavated artifacts from the Samurai period. The architecture and paper paintings should also be observed. The panels are made out of paulownia and every nail is hidden. Thick sliding doors have landscapes drawn by Sasaki Senkei, a highly reputed artist from the late 17th century.


There are more Samurai District ruins you can visit around Nagamachi and all of them are walking distance. 


Hotel Manten of Kanazawa

I was planning to visit the Higashi-chaya district in the afternoon but it started raining after I checked-in at Manten Hotel. Manten Hotel is near the station and what I loved about this hotel (aside for being cheap, 6,800JPY only) they have a complete public bathhouse and an outdoor bath. Although I cannot confirm if their water is natural hot spring but the experience was very relaxing. I had the entire place to myself since I went there right when it opened. They open the bathhouse at 4:30pm and closes at midnight.


You can watch the video above to see the rest of my first day in Kanazawa.

That’s it for today’s post everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Arrival in Kanazawa and Exploring the Ancient Samurai District”

  1. I’ve been planning a trip back to Japan some time now, and exploring Samurai culture is at the top of my husband’s list. We’ll definitely have to check out Kanazawa (those gardens are absolutely stunning!)


  2. Thanks for this helpful information! I’m going to Japan in May and working on planning my itinerary. I’ll have to look into adding Kanazawa!


  3. First of all, your pictures are stunning. I love the picture of the building with your reflection in the mirror. These buildings look like art themselves. Very pretty and peaceful. Maybe one day I will get there.


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