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Getting back to blogging


I’m back to writing again, thanks to my part time job where I can get three rest days.

If you’re new to my blog then welcome! If you’re back for a travel blog, I am sorry to disappoint.

This is an update on what you can expect from my website in the coming weeks ahead. Don’t worry I have a couple of travels booked already and I can’t wait to share them with you but I am growing and earning a lot of experience lately that I have additional contents to share with you guys.

First, I am adding my Kumu app livestream blogs where I can share interactions with my viewers which I deem inspiring to others and insightful.

Second, I found a really fun survival mobile game called LifeAfter and I am preparing to share my noob gameplay lol.


Lastly, aside from getting back to blogging I am back to my singing! So look forward to song covers I will share here.

This may be a short-written blog but I promised an impactful blog articles in the near future. So don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on my social media accounts below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jbeautyjournal/

WordPress: https://jbeautyjournal.com

Kumu App: https://app.kumu.ph/zgJ9BHrsv0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JBeautyJournal/

I recommend downloading the app called Kumu, sign up and follow my account “peko.peko”

That’s it for today, have a beautiful day!


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