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Shinjuku Night

Hello, people of the internet! 

In this post I will be sharing a fun night I had in Shinjuku and hope this gives you an idea what residents here would do on a weekend in this city.

First of all, this was supposed to be a double date bowling night with Nanay Rachel and Kuya Johnny. However, the bowling place we visited near Shinjuku Gracery hotel was still cleaning their bowling alley. We were told it’ll take 45 minutes. This is not our usual bowling place, by the way, my family usually go to Round 1 entertainment for some fun bowling game.

We decided to go straight to dinner at the Shinjuku Cattle Love. This is actually where Nanay Rachel and her Husband works so we were able to get a discount. This Yakiniku place is actually a popular place for locals to celebrate their friend’s birthday. However, instead of a birthday cake, they serve you a MEAT cake! 

meat cake

We enjoyed the atmosphere of this restaurant and the meat was tasty in my opinion. We really enjoyed the food that’s why we booked another dinner here to celebrate our Friend’s birthday, who’s coming from San Francisco. I must warn you that this restaurant is pretty local so not many English speakers. They do have an English menu but it is best to come with a Japanese speaker. 

They are usually busy so it is best to reserve before heading there, there are two websites where you can reserve online. Hotpepper is in Japanese while Tablelog has an English translation. However, if you switch tabelog to English it won’t show the online reservation option. 

Anyway, my personal favorite here is the Ippon Harami (一本ハラミ)


After filling up our tummies with some awesome meat, we went to the local karaoke bar. Something Filipinos and Japanese both love is singing at the Karaoke bar. The nearest and cheapest karaoke bar we found near the yakiniku restaurant is Utahiroba, it can be difficult to enjoy this place if you don’t speak any Japanese. However, they do have some international songs in their songbook. 

Hope this blog inspired you to visit Shinjuku again and try their Yakiniku restaurants. This post is not sponsored, I am just starting to go back to blogging after months of focusing on Kumu Livestreams.

Look forward to more post this coming year!

Have a beautiful day!

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