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Shinjuku Night

Hello, people of the internet!  In this post I will be sharing a fun night I had in Shinjuku and hope this gives you an idea what residents here would do on a weekend in this city. First of all, this was supposed to be a double date bowling night with Nanay Rachel and Kuya… Continue reading Shinjuku Night

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Starhunt Global Showdown Audition

Magandang araw pipol op da Pilipins! Kung kayo ay mga tunay kong kaibigan irl mabuhay ka dahil nag babasa ka pala ng blog ko! Kung ikaw naman ay napadaan dahil nanunuod ka ng livestreams ko sa Kumu, mabuhay ka't isa kang dakilang manunuod! If you're a foreigner or do not speak Filipino, this post may… Continue reading Starhunt Global Showdown Audition

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Arrival in Kanazawa and Exploring the Ancient Samurai District

Konnichiwa Mina-san! Sorry, this blog post is late but it’s better late than never. Last week I decided to finally visit Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture Japan. As usual, I used Willer express bus to get there and to book my stay. This is also NOT a sponsored blog. I booked the bus and… Continue reading Arrival in Kanazawa and Exploring the Ancient Samurai District

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“Kulitan” at TeamLabs BORDERLESS world in Odaiba

こんにちは、みなさん!Hello everyone! I went to another TeamLabs exhibit here in Japan and it’s their permanent exhibit called Borderless world. This time I went with ate Tara, a Filipino friend I met from my Japanese language school. Odaiba is probably our favorite hangout place, so we went to the TeamLabs exhibit near Aomi station. The… Continue reading “Kulitan” at TeamLabs BORDERLESS world in Odaiba

Travel Journal

Utsunomiya: The Gyoza Town and Home of the Oya stone

あけましておめでとうございます。今年もよろしくお願いします。Happy new year, everyone! Hope you had a great start in 2019.  I apologize for not posting anything on the first weekend of 2019. I was still on Holiday mode and I was attending new year parties here in Japan.  Anyway, here’s my first travel blog entry this 2019. Let’s go explore Tochigi’s capital and… Continue reading Utsunomiya: The Gyoza Town and Home of the Oya stone

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2018’s Fascinating Tokyo Winter Illuminations

Hello everyone! Welcome to another キラキラ winter blog series! Since the first week of December, I’ve been going around Tokyo, admiring its annual winter Illuminations. So here are all the places I visited, in case you missed Tokyo’s winter dancing lights. You can also watch the video below! Tokyo MidTown Soap Bubble Illumination (November… Continue reading 2018’s Fascinating Tokyo Winter Illuminations