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Passing my O.W.Ls (Ostentatious Wizarding Lunacy)

I promised to post this blog weeks ago but better late than never! Now, if you’re a potterhead, we both know the title’s a pun but it sums up my experience quite right. We took a trip to USJ’s Harry Potter world last month for our honeymoon trip and went to Ollivanders shop to get… Continue reading Passing my O.W.Ls (Ostentatious Wizarding Lunacy)

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Maiko Transformation in Kyoto

What’s a Maiko? In the picture, it looks more like a Geisha. Well, that’s what I thought until my husband told me they are slightly different. Unfortunately, I only found out what he meant about being a Maiko at Kyoto when we were already there. All along I thought, he booked a rental for a… Continue reading Maiko Transformation in Kyoto

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Makeup removal and skincare (Winter)

  Hello everyone! I’m running out of travel ideas for my blog so I decided to share with you guys my makeup removal skincare instead. Hah! It’s the reason why it’s called a beauty journal in the first place. I had a blog in which is also called J Beauty Journal and there I wrote… Continue reading Makeup removal and skincare (Winter)

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My Animal Cafe Experience (Tokyo)

I'm surprised with the variety of animal cafes here in Japan but most of what I can find here in Tokyo are Cat Cafes. So when I saw some blogs and video blogs featuring a rabbit amusement place, I searched for it. Read the reviews and checked the map, soon I’m riding a train towards Asakusa.… Continue reading My Animal Cafe Experience (Tokyo)

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Trip to the Zoo… My Guilty Pleasure

Hello! Hope you’re having a beautiful day. If you’re having a bad day maybe our friends from the Ueno Zoo can cheer you up. Last month, my husband and I visited the Ueno Zoological Gardens. On my first visit there, the zoo was already closed so if you’re planning to visit make sure to check… Continue reading Trip to the Zoo… My Guilty Pleasure

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A Day in Yokohama

Happy new year! I hope you’re enjoying the last hours of 2016 like I do. In fact, I’m enjoying it too much (sarcasm) I wanna stretch it for another week! Well, I can’t control time like Doctor Strange. Speaking of Doctor Strange, they have not shown it in cinemas here yet. Another culture shock among… Continue reading A Day in Yokohama