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TBT Series: Peach Eyes 2016

So this video's almost a year old and it is still similar to the colors I pick for my make-up. Most of the products here were already expiring when I left Manila, so I didn't bring my full makeup kit. The foundation I used here was L'oreal's Infallible stay fresh 24H, which did not feel… Continue reading TBT Series: Peach Eyes 2016

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TBT Series: Skincare 2016

I used to have a blog since 2009 and I've been actively posting last year. However, that website no longer exist or I can't access it here in Japan. Since I have a channel in Youtube and the videos are still up there, I decided to do a throwback series every Thursday(Japan time) to give… Continue reading TBT Series: Skincare 2016

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お香と桐箱(Japanese aroma and paulownia box)

先々週末、ハズバンドとお母さんと千駄木に行きました。お母さんの友だちの、アロマメイキングクラスがありましたから。にほんのアロマを、お母さんの友だちが、おしえてくれました。(I have a feeling the last sentence was terribly wrong) but my husband corrected it already. Anyway, I was trying to say, “last last week, I went to Sendagi with my husband and Okasan because her friend had an aroma making class. Okasan’s friend taught  me Japanese aromas.” The shop her friend used for space… Continue reading お香と桐箱(Japanese aroma and paulownia box)