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Shinjuku Vlog

Okay, I know I don't really have good shots because I enjoyed shopping here. I also hesitated to shoot videos with the shoppers in it. That'll disrupt their shopping experience, but I really like this place. Thank goodness I found an informative blog regarding the store. It was the year they opened this store and… Continue reading Shinjuku Vlog

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TBT Series: Peach Eyes 2016

So this video's almost a year old and it is still similar to the colors I pick for my make-up. Most of the products here were already expiring when I left Manila, so I didn't bring my full makeup kit. The foundation I used here was L'oreal's Infallible stay fresh 24H, which did not feel… Continue reading TBT Series: Peach Eyes 2016

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TBT Series: Skincare 2016

I used to have a blog since 2009 and I've been actively posting last year. However, that website no longer exist or I can't access it here in Japan. Since I have a channel in Youtube and the videos are still up there, I decided to do a throwback series every Thursday(Japan time) to give… Continue reading TBT Series: Skincare 2016

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Spring Skincare with Evita Rose Foam

It’s already spring in Tokyo and my skin finally went back to normal! Winter brought back my atopic dermatitis and putting on makeup as well as removing it, made it so complicated. I gave up and just wore my bare skin with tons of moisturizer. Now that it’s spring, I feel obliged to share with… Continue reading Spring Skincare with Evita Rose Foam

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Makeup removal and skincare (Winter)

  Hello everyone! I’m running out of travel ideas for my blog so I decided to share with you guys my makeup removal skincare instead. Hah! It’s the reason why it’s called a beauty journal in the first place. I had a blog in which is also called J Beauty Journal and there I wrote… Continue reading Makeup removal and skincare (Winter)