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Shinjuku Night

Hello, people of the internet!  In this post I will be sharing a fun night I had in Shinjuku and hope this gives you an idea what residents here would do on a weekend in this city. First of all, this was supposed to be a double date bowling night with Nanay Rachel and Kuya… Continue reading Shinjuku Night

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“Kulitan” at TeamLabs BORDERLESS world in Odaiba

こんにちは、みなさん!Hello everyone! I went to another TeamLabs exhibit here in Japan and it’s their permanent exhibit called Borderless world. This time I went with ate Tara, a Filipino friend I met from my Japanese language school. Odaiba is probably our favorite hangout place, so we went to the TeamLabs exhibit near Aomi station. The… Continue reading “Kulitan” at TeamLabs BORDERLESS world in Odaiba

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2018’s Fascinating Tokyo Winter Illuminations

Hello everyone! Welcome to another キラキラ winter blog series! Since the first week of December, I’ve been going around Tokyo, admiring its annual winter Illuminations. So here are all the places I visited, in case you missed Tokyo’s winter dancing lights. You can also watch the video below! Tokyo MidTown Soap Bubble Illumination (November… Continue reading 2018’s Fascinating Tokyo Winter Illuminations

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Hachioji’s 39th Vibrant Ginkgo Festival

Hello everyone! Last week was Hachioji’s Ginkgo Festival and I thought it would be fun to add it to our Autumn in Japan blog series. Ginkgo Festival is called Ichou Matsuri in Japanese and it is held on a weekend when Ginkgo trees change their color to bright yellow. We decided to go to… Continue reading Hachioji’s 39th Vibrant Ginkgo Festival

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TeamLab Planets: Travel Vlog

Hello everyone! Just dropping by to show you guys my experience at one of TeamLab's exhibits in Odaiba. Mind you there's two of them there, the other one is called BORDERLESS. I got them mixed up initially but now we know! Borderless is the permanent TeamLab location in Odaiba while this Planet location in Toyosu… Continue reading TeamLab Planets: Travel Vlog

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Flower Festivals

こんにちは、みんなさん!J here for J Beauty Journal blog! I know it has been a while since I last wrote a proper blog post but here I am, making a Spring comeback! Last year, one of the spring blossoms I missed to observe was the wisteria flower. Originally, I wanted to go to KitaKyushu and check-out the… Continue reading Flower Festivals

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こんにちは、みんあさん!Happy Halloween! I know I have not been writing proper blogs lately. I am enjoying making video blogs at the moment but since it has been raining in Tokyo for... like... FOREVER! I decided to use up this bottled up energy to write a blog. KBeerJournal is something I came up with when my husband… Continue reading KBeerJournal

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Kagurazaka’s Canal Cafe

HI guys! Please watch my vlog in Kagurazaka featuring Canal Cafe. Wish I could give you more shots of the place but there were a lot of people that I don't want to disrupt. Kagurazaka is walking distance from my language school and I learned that it's famous for its restaurants. Please check the links… Continue reading Kagurazaka’s Canal Cafe